Magpie Mysteries

About us

Magpie Mysteries we create and run online and offline games and events in which you, as a team, face puzzles prepared by us!

From 2020 we have done more than: 3000 online events! 

We operate in Polish and English language.

We have hosted team-building games for companies such as: Airbnb, Google, Dell, Facebook, Spotify, Microsoft, Alibaba, Youtube, Adobe or IBM.

To get to know us better, please visit our website on Airbnb. We have more than two thousands of opinions from satisfied customers there, whom we can already count in tens of thousands!

How does it work?

  1. Write to us, using contact button: write to us the date, time and a title of the game (or just ask what would be the best options for a game for your team / your type of an event). If you are not sure about the game and have additional questions ask for an online meeting, we will meet with you and explain how everything works.
  2. We confirm everything (date, time, game) and you receive on your email an event invitation with the link to an online meeting (Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet), a video invitation and short instructions what to prepare (pen, paper, mic, camera).
  3. You need to share this email with your team mates!
  4. On the date of the game, we are joining the meeting and we play! The team connects in one online meeting, your game master (or game masters) are explaining the rules and the plot of the game. If the team is large we divide you into breakout rooms (5-10 players in each - depends on the game and the team). The only thing you need for the game itself is a link to our game website (no login or whatsoever!). The main goal of our games is to stimulate communication and cooperation in teams while solving riddles. At the end of the event we always make a group photo.
  5. After the game, based on the number of participants that showed up, you are receiving an invoice with a link to pay by PayPal or by bank transfer.

We want the ordering process and how to play to be as simple as possible. What is supposed to give you difficulty are the puzzles in our games!

Why use games in your team building events?

Games are a great way to build teams because they provide an opportunity for team members to work together towards a common goal. Through games, team members can develop trust, communication, and problem-solving skills, all of which are essential for a strong team. In addition, games can help break down barriers and promote a sense of camaraderie among team members. Whether it's through a virtual game or an in-person activity, games can be a fun and effective way to build a strong and cohesive team.

We create and provide experiences: online escape room games, physical escape room games, scavenger hunts, city games, special occasions games (bachelor party, bachelorette party, baby shower, anniversary, birthdays party etc.), and other team building activities (games and workshop). 

Find the service you are looking for, and create something special with us!

Creative Boosters

Check out also our newest workshop: Creative Boosters.

In a 30, 45 or 60 minutes event you will:

  • Boost up your creativity, 
  • Increase your creative problem-solving skills with exercises you can use again and again,
  • Have a break from work and recharge your batteries,
  • Reset your mind,
  • Have fun with your team.

This event is available here and also on Airbnb Experiences Online!

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Solve the Mystery Escape Room, also with Holiday Specials

Murder Mystery Escape Room Game

Creative Boosters