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City Games

We have been creating original city games for over 5 years. We run them both in Krakow and in locations selected by customers.


We create games:

  • Team building for companies - all our games integrate teams, but for companies we create special projects! In addition to the games that we already have in offer, we create large and small events so that the group can integrate in an interesting way. We create special games with the clients, we acknowledge in the game their needs, history of the company and what they would like to mention during the game. Our team building games are available for teams from 2 up to 300 participants!

  • Educational - for schools, around the city of Krakow. While playing the game, students have the opportunity to learn about the history of Krakow, the history of artists who have lived here for years, or learn about the legends about this city.

  • Tourist - first time in Krakow? Or would you like to get to know the city from a new perspective? It couldn't be easier with us! You choose the game that suits you, make an appointment and ... explore in an unconventional way!

  • For special occasions - a bachelorette party? bachelor party? birthday? engagement? The answer to all questions is YES, we create games for special occasions. We can personalize each of our games for the occasion, or create something especially for you!

If you are interested in a custom game, write to us! We like challenges! 

We recently had the pleasure of organizing a bachelor party investigation, which started in Krakow and ended ... in London! Or we did an educational scavenger hunt about...  cryptocurrencies! 

Nothing is impossible for us!

Or explore the city with Rudolf!

Rudolf is a tourist guide in Krakow. He guides tours both in the Old Town of Krakow and in the Kazimierz district. He has an experience on Airbnb, very highly rated by tourists! Be sure to check him out! 

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