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Our Games

Our games were created to build teams and give you fun! So they are perfect for: online teambuilding, virtual meetings, online breaks, virtual parties and more!

We have a bunch of games to choose from, check them out!

And if you have any questions - contact us!

Creative Boosters - logo
Creative Boosters.png

Creative Boosters

1 hour of creative games!

Boost up your team energy and creativity while playing fun games!

Murder Mystery The Psychiatrist logo
Game details

The Psychiatrist

Murder Mystery Escape Room

Who killed The Psychiatrist? Team up  and solve this old case!

The Mystery Of John Smith logo
Game details

The Mystery Of John Smith 

Escape Room

Where John Smith found the cursed skull? Find out before it's too late!

Catch me if you can logo
Catch me.png

Catch me if you can

Escape Room

Someone has stolen one of Leonardo Da Vinci's most valuable paintings! Outsmart the thief! And get the painting back!

strange things are coming logo

Strange Things Are Coming

Escape Room

Someone has opened a gate to another dimension. 

Will you save the world?

Dragon treasure logo
Game details

Dragon Treasure

Escape Room

A century ago, someone stole the only key to the Dragon's vault. Will you be able to find it?

The Brass Mystery - logo
Game details

The Brass Mystery

Escape Room

Who and why stole the famous trumpet?

Team up to solve this tricky mystery!

Murder Mystery: Haunted House - logo
Haunted House.png

Haunted House

Murder Mystery Escape Room

Someone killed Frankenstein - one of the actors from Haunted House. Who did it and why?

Murder Mystery: Krakow case - logo
Game details

Krakow Case

Murder Mystery Escape Room

The Polish Mafia Boss was murdered! We are all in danger! Who is this madman?

The Vampire Hunters - logo
Game details

The Vampire Hunters

Escape Room

Dracula lives! And it's doing quite well attacking next victims! Will you be able to stop him?

team building trivia game & laughs against sanity.png

Team Building

Trivia Game

1 hour of crazy trivia game!

Get to know each other, compete, and have a lot's of laugh in our online team building trivia!

Dragon in teh dungeon.png

Dragon in the Dungeon

Storytelling Fantasy Game

There is a Dragon in the dungeon, as a team you will need to get rid of him! Search for best ways, share stories, and have a lot's of fun!

team building trivia game & laughs against sanity.png

Laughs Against Sanity

Fun Creative Game

A fun game involving humorous answers to crazy / office related (and not) prompts!  One of you will win and get the title of being the funniest!



Competitive riddle game

 7 riddles, all based on  games - which ones? You will learn it while playing! Check out our leader board and join the challenge!

teamties trivia.png


Trivia game

Perfect for a short break! 3 rounds of fun trivia questions that will make you know your team better!

  • We take your feedback very seriously and work on our games all the time to best help you build your teams!    

  • You can reschedule the event up to 24 hours before the official start

  • You can cancel the event with a full refund up to 48 hours before the event starts

  • If you have any special requests - we are here to help and meet your needs!

  • If less than 50% of your team show up for our event: You will get a second one for free!

  • If your game is larger than our booking system (larger than 100 participants) write to us! We have prepared special prices for large events!


If you have any questions regarding the scenarios: write to us:

Or book a free online meeting with Klaudia to talk your event through! 

Why book our games?

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