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Embark on a thrilling storytelling adventure inspired by Dungeons and Dragons! In "Dragon in the Dungeon," your team will unite to defeat the nefarious wizard, Teamotous Evilnus. Together, you'll battle fierce dragons, devise clever escape plans, and weave captivating tales of your heroic journey. When obstacles arise, it's up to you to find the best solutions and bring them to life through storytelling. Will your team's creativity and collaboration be enough to conquer the dungeon? Let the adventure unfold and discover if your stories lead to victory!

How does it work?

This experience was created for small teams to have an exciting break, full of stories and great adventures to talk about later. In this experience, you will need to TALK a lot! Share your crazy ideas, such as how to defeat dragons, etc.

At the beginning of this experience, our game master will conduct a short icebreaking session with some questions. Then your adventure will begin. You will need to scan a QR code on your phone to be able to add answers to our questions (no downloading needed). Then you will need to name your hero and choose an avatar for yourself. The game master will be showing the story on a shared screen, and your goal will be to find the most creative and fun way to overcome various obstacles. For some challenges, you will need to tell stories; for others, you will need to find a creative name or solve riddles. All of this will help you defeat your final evil game boss: Teamotous Evilnus.

In this game, we use an app called Slides With Friends. You do not need to download anything, but each team member will need to have their phone with them. At the beginning of the game, each person will need to scan a QR code to join our system and be able to send their answers, which will appear on the screen.

Event Summary

  • 45 minutes with a Magpie Mysteries professional Facilitator

  • Held on Zoom by default (switchable to Google Meet or MS Teams).

  • Fosters Creativity and Collaboration

  • Promotes Communication Skills

  • Creates Memorable Shared Experiences

  • Photo taken at the end and shareable.

Key Points

  • Fixed prices based on group size.

  • If <50% show up, a free event for those 50% is offered. (This rule doesn’t apply for groups of 1-20 participants).

  • Participants need a computer with internet ,mic and webcam 

  • No extra logins needed; No download is required.

  • We are super flexible: If you are not sure about the size of your group, want a longer or shorter event, want a time slot that is not available in our calendar : WRITE TO US!

Contact us!

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