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Murder Mystery Krakow Case - game Baner
Game details

The Plot

The head of the Polish mafia has been murdered! Who is the new madman behind this daring act? Who had the audacity to kill The Boss? Fear grips everyone, even the police. We need an outsider to help us crack this case! Will you be able to crack the case?


How does it work?

Our online murder mystery escape rooms were created to bring teams together and to make them talk!

If you are looking for entertainment:

  • Where everyone will be involved (because our games will provide challenges),

  • Where players will have to share ideas, communicate, and assist each other,

  • Which will offer lots of fun and discussion topics,

You are in the right place!

If you have a team of 1-12 participants: You will collaborate throughout the entire experience. Our Game Master will present riddles, plots, and stories on a shared screen, and you'll need to work together to solve each mystery. After solving each riddle - you will receive a new part of the evidence. When all the riddles will be solved you will need to make the final call and decide together: WHO IS THE KILLER? We will arrange a short discussion for everyone to share their ideas and we will have an anonymous vote! We will check who do YOU think the killer is and if this is correct answer.  At the game's conclusion, we'll capture a group photo (with the theme of your game) - which you'll receive as a souvenir.

If your team is larger than 12 participants: We'll start the event together. Your game master will welcome you, outline the rules and plot on a shared screen, and then we'll divide you into smaller groups (breakout rooms, 6-10 people in each). Each team will receive a link from us (no login required, just click to open), and each breakout room will tackle their part of the investigation. During this phase, we'll have meetings between breakout rooms, called Group Meetings. These meetings will provide a space for you to assist one another and share ideas! You will need to solve 3 or 4 riddles - after solving each riddle - you will receive new evidence for the murder case. When the time is up, your game master will close the breakout rooms, and we'll reconvene as a whole group. At this point, we'll solve your final riddle: WHO IS THE KILLER? Each breakout room will share what they've discovered, and who do they think the murderer is. Then we will have an anonymous vote! We will check who do YOU think the killer is and if this is correct answer.  

Because in our murder mystery escape room games, even when divided into smaller teams, you all play TOGETHER as one big team!

Event Summary

  • 60 minutes with a Magpie Mysteries professional Game Master.

  • Held on Zoom by default (switchable to Google Meet or MS Teams).

  • Encourages team communication and cooperation.

  • Photo taken at the end and shareable.

  • No matter how big your team is, you will always play as one team with one goal.

Key Points

  • Fixed prices based on group size.

  • If <50% show up, a free event for those 50% is offered. (This rule doesn’t apply for groups of 1-12 participants).

  • Participants need a computer with internet and mic; webcam optional.

  • No extra logins needed; you need to be able to open our website: No download is required.

  • We are super flexible: If you are not sure about the size of your group, want a longer or shorter event, want a time slot that is not available in our calendar : WRITE TO US!

Game Master presenting a poll on his screen

Contact us!

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