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Klaudia Game Master

Welcome to Magpie Mysteries, where team-building meets excitement! 


Whether online or offline, our dynamic events are more than just games—they're immersive adventures that ignite collaboration and creativity.

 Since 2018, we've led over 3500 immersive online events. 


Our creative prowess has caught the attention of industry giants like Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Microsoft, YouTube, Adobe, Dell, and IBM. We don't just create games; we curate experiences that leave lasting impressions on teams of all sizes.

Join us on a journey through mind-bending riddles that spark collaboration and creativity.

Over 3000 thrilled customers rave about our online adventures on Airbnb.

Booking is a breeze—just hit the booking button, and let's craft your next masterpiece of teamwork.

Magpie Mysteries: Unleash the thrill of mystery together!


We currently have 12 online game titles available.

Each game has a different storyline and different puzzles. For each game we can prepare a personalized invitation for you. To learn more go to our games or click the picture below.

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How does it work?

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2. At the time and date of your game our Game Master will start our online meeting and greet you there.

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Your Game Master will explain the rules and the plot, and coordinate the game. Everything will be presented on your screen in a form of presentation.

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3. Small Teams

(up to 12 people)

will play together the whole time

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Small Groups (Up to 12 People) play the entire game together in one online meeting.
The game master will share all the riddles and plot on a shared screen. The riddles have the form of pictures, videos, or sounds.
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How do our games work - dwa kwadraty.png

After the booking is done, you will receive an email with further instructions. You will be able to choose if you want our event to happen on Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams, and you will receive a link to the meeting.

1. Book a game and gather your team!

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5. The final touch! 

A photo :)

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At the end of the game we will make an online group photo that you will receive as a souvenir!

And we will ask you for your feedback

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4. Large Teams 

(more than 12 people) will be divided into smaller teams

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Larger groups (12-900 people): After the start of the event (in which you are all together) your game master will divide you into breakout rooms in the app. Each breakout room will be responsible for solving a specific part of the investigation. Remember, despite the division, you remain one team with one common goal. The final riddle must be solved by the whole team!

Why our games?

Why use games in your team building events?

- Global Collaboration: Online games allow team members from different parts of the world to collaborate in a virtual environment, fostering a sense of global teamwork and breaking down geographical barriers.

- Communication Skills: Multiplayer games require effective communication for success. Team members learn to communicate clearly and efficiently, improving their virtual collaboration and understanding each other's working styles.

- Problem-Solving: Many games involve complex challenges and problem-solving scenarios. Teams must work together to overcome obstacles, which can translate into improved problem-solving skills in the workplace.

- Building Trust: Working together in a virtual gaming environment helps build trust among team members. Trust is a crucial element in any team, and games provide a low-risk setting for its development.

- Creativity and Innovation: Certain games (like escape rooms) require creative thinking and innovative approaches to succeed. This encourages team members to think outside the box, fostering creativity that can be beneficial in a professional setting.

- Time Management: Online games often have time-sensitive tasks and objectives. Team members must learn to manage their time efficiently, which can translate into improved time management skills in their work.

- Camaraderie: Playing games together creates a sense of camaraderie among team members. This camaraderie can positively impact the team's morale, leading to better collaboration and a more enjoyable work atmosphere.

- Stress Relief: Games provide a fun and engaging way for team members to relax and unwind. Team building events that include gaming can serve as stress relief, promoting a healthy work-life balance.

- Diversity and Inclusion: Online games often have diverse characters, settings, and challenges. This diversity can be a reflection of the real-world, fostering a sense of inclusion and understanding among team members from different cultural backgrounds.


Your Voices, Our Pride!


plac Szczepański 3/41, Kraków, Poland

+48 793 637 394 (Whatsapp / Signal)

Thank you for your message!

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