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Engaging Virtual
Team Building experiences

Discover and book our online, live-hosted team building experiences.

Events specially created to build teams and enrich your workplace community!

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Throughout the four years of the Airbnb Online Experience, our games have always ranked among the world's bestsellers! 

Our online team building games have fans in organisations all across the globe!

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Game info

Creative Boosters - OLYMPIC EDITION

1 hour of creative games!

Boost up your team energy and creativity while playing fun games - all in the Olympic spirit!

Stolen Flame logo
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Stolen Flame - The Olympic Mystery

Escape Room

Who stole the Olympic torch? The clock is ticking and we must discover the truth!

office olympics logo
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Office Olympics

Mini Games hosted on SlidesWithFriends

Challenge your team with our crazy games! Who will win the gold medal?

Creative Boosters - logo
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Creative Boosters

1 hour of creative games!

Boost up your team energy and creativity while playing fun games!

Murder Mystery The Psychiatrist logo
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The Psychiatrist

Murder Mystery Escape Room

Who killed The Psychiatrist? Team up  and solve this old case!

The Mystery Of John Smith logo
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The Mystery Of John Smith 

Escape Room

Where John Smith found the cursed skull? Find out before it's too late!

Catch me if you can logo
Game info

Catch me if you can

Escape Room

Someone has stolen one of Leonardo Da Vinci's most valuable paintings! Outsmart the thief! And get the painting back!

strange things are coming logo
Game info

Strange Things Are Coming

Escape Room

Someone has opened a gate to another dimension. 

Will you save the world?

Dragon treasure logo
Game details

Dragon Treasure

Escape Room

A century ago, someone stole the only key to the Dragon's vault. Will you be able to find it?

The Brass Mystery - logo
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The Brass Mystery

Escape Room

Who and why stole the famous trumpet?

Team up to solve this tricky mystery!

Murder Mystery: Haunted House - logo
Game info

Haunted House

Murder Mystery Escape Room

Someone killed Frankenstein - one of the actors from Haunted House. Who did it and why?

Murder Mystery: Krakow case - logo
Game details

Krakow Case

Murder Mystery Escape Room

The Polish Mafia Boss was murdered! We are all in danger! Who is this madman?

The Vampire Hunters - logo
Game details

The Vampire Hunters

Escape Room

Dracula lives! And it's doing quite well attacking next victims! Will you be able to stop him?

TBT logo
Game info

Team Building

Trivia Game

1 hour of crazy trivia game!

Get to know each other, compete, and have a lot's of laugh in our online team building trivia!

DND logo
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Dragon in the Dungeon

Storytelling Fantasy Game

There is a Dragon in the dungeon, as a team you will need to get rid of him! Search for best ways, share stories, and have a lot's of fun!

Las logo
Game info

Laughs Against Sanity

Fun Creative Game

A fun game involving humorous answers to crazy / office related (and not) prompts!  One of you will win and get the title of being the funniest!

SGame logo
Game info


Competitive riddle game

 7 riddles, all based on  games - which ones? You will learn it while playing! Check out our leader board and join the challenge!

TTT Logo
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Trivia game

Perfect for a short break! 3 rounds of fun trivia questions that will make you know your team better!

Why our events?

Magpie Mysteries Host waving to participants

Created to build teams!

Fun, engaging and SMART events. All created with one goal: team building!


Easy mechanics and access

No login or other unnecessary applications.  All on : Zoom,  Google Meet or MS Teams


Competitive prices

Did we mention that we are from Poland and have great prices? And that we have a great policy of canceling and rescheduling events?


You are our priority!

We are a small Polish company with one task: to make you and your team happy! And we do so with our flexibility and services!


Ambitious entertainment

Maybe we'll repeat ourselves, but our events are smart: created by facilitators and soft skills trainers.


Big & Small Groups

Yes, we have perfect programs for small and for large virtual team building events. From 2 to up to 900 participants in one event!

Magpie Mysteries a detective with a magnifying glass

How do Magpie Mysteries events work?

1. Choose a game that you would like to play with us!

2. Chose the time and date for our event.

3. Book a game in our booking system or contact us by email !

4. You will receive personalised invitation materials to invite your team!

5. On the day and time of the event our Game Master will greet you in our online meeting and facilitate the whole event!

6. You'll get a happy team, full of energy and new stories!

(Well, and a photo - we always take one at the end!)

Brenda, e-Core

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+48 793 637 394 (Whatsapp / Signal)

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